Instructions to Authors

1. Comptes rendus de l’ Académie bulgare des Sciences (Proceedings of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences)  publishes peer reviewed short reports of original scientific results in the field of Astronomy, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Geology, Geophysics, Space Sciences, Engineering Sciences, Physical Geography, Medicine and Agricultural Sciences. The papers should not be of a descriptive or polemical character and should contain only unpublished results in the respective scientific field. They can further be expanded to be published elsewhere. Manuscripts should be written in English should not exceed 8 standard typewritten pages (16 000 characters) including figures and tables (not more than 4). Spelling should conform to the preferred spelling of the Shorter Oxford English Dictionary.

2.Comptes rendus also publishes Concise Review Papers (short surveys) at the invitation of the Editorial Board. The short surveys should reflect the latest achievements in a given field of knowledge. They should be presented in the form of a report according to the requirements of the journal not exceeding 20 standard pages.

3. Manuscripts (text of the article, abstract, keywords, figures and tables) should be sent in PDF format to the e-mail address of the editorial office -, along with a cover letter with the name, address and telephone number of the corresponding author.

4. Each paper accepted for publication should be submitted for printing by a member of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences (Academician or Corresponding Member).

5. After approval of the manuscript, the corresponding author should send the following files to the editorial office:

  • File with the text of the article in MS Word format (*.doc or *.docx) or TeX (LaTeX, AMS-TeX).
  • Files with tables (in the same formats) - each table should be presented in a separate file. The International System of Units (SI) should be used.
  • Separate files for each graph, illustration and photograph (format TIF, JPEG and 300х300dpi) .  Graphs, illustrations and photographs are indicated in the text as figures, abbreviated "Fig_xx".
  • File with figure captions and text to tables.

6.  References should contain up to 20 cited works arranged according to their order of appearance in the text. If the authors are more than 5, the report lists the top five, after which et al. is added.
The family name precedes the initials of the first name in case of the first author, followed by the names of the other authors, year of publication, title, the standard abbreviation of the journal, the volume number, number of the journal and the pages cited.
For books – name of the author(s), year of publication, the title, the city of publication and the publisher followed by pages. References should be indicated in the text by giving the corresponding numbers in parentheses.


[1] Matzuk M. M., D. J. Lamb (2008) The Biology of Infertility: Research Advances and Clinical Challenges, Nature Medicine, 14 (2), 1197–1213.  

[2] Repovs D., P. V. Semenov (2002) Continuous Selections of Multivalued Mappings, In: Recent Progress in General Topology II (Eds M. Husek and J. van Mill), Amsterdam, Elsevier, 423–462.

 7. The full address of each author, complete with postal code and e-mail address, must be placed at the end of the manuscript after the References. Names should be written in English, with English alphabet letters only and, optionally, in original, if the author's native alphabet is a variant of the Latin alphabet and the author prefers his name to be displayed that way in hardcopy and electronic version.

8. The authors are offered one proofreading. Corrections are allowed only of errors made in the course of setting up, and, as an exception, in connection with some new aspects of the problem discussed. Authors can download PDF copies of their article from the journal website: